Sailing Four is serious fun and another big step up in the Core. It is a tremendous confidence builder for juniors 12 and up, weighing at least 95 lbs.

Sailing Four is accompanied by the final student manual in our textbook series. Its emphasis is on hydrodynamics and the hull, reducing resistance, handling wind shifts, rudderless steering, and precision boat handling.

Solo sailing in high-performance RS Zests, Sailing Four hones a junior’s skills to the highest level. They learn roll-tacking, roll-jibing, kinetics, fine-tuning helmsmanship, dynamic hiking, managing wind shifts, and “dry” capsize recovery.

In a dry capsize (step-over technique), juniors are taught how to intentionally tip over, and recover, without getting wet. Once mastered, most students want to do it all day – if we’d let them!

In Sailing Four juniors learn the fundamentals of fleet racing. It is the perfect prep course for our very exciting week-long Racing Techniques Specialty Course.

The final exam in Sailing Four is intentionally very challenging and when they pass it, and demonstrate proficiency in all prescribed advanced skills, they earn the final Core Curriculum diploma marked “Advanced Certified”—our highest honor.

Juniors are encouraged to re-take Sailing Four indefinitely for continued skill development. The Core never truly ends – at least not until juniors age out. At that point they might consider applying for a job with us at Tod’s Point. We like to breed our own. We know their skills are solid.

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Monday – Friday Time Sailing Four
Session 1 June 24
through July 5
9:30 – 12:30
1:30 – 4:30 S4 – 1P
Session 2 July 8
through July 19
9:30 – 12:30
1:30 – 4:30 S4 – 2P
Session 3 July 22
through August 2
9:30 – 12:30 S4 – 3A
1:30 – 4:30
Session 4 August 5
through August 16
9:30 – 12:30
1:30 – 4:30 S4 – 4P

Private Lessons

For the undivided attention of an instructor on any vessel in our rental fleet:
By appointment
Call ahead 203-637-2022