The Adult Sailing Program includes Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Core courses along with Family Fun Courses for students ages 17 and up.

Adult Basic Sailing

Basic Sailing is a beginner course. It is also an excellent brush-up for rusty skills or filling in any missing skills from prior informal sailing experience.

Adult Intermediate Sailing

Intermediate Sailing is designed to be a direct follow-up to Basic Sailing. It is ideal to take the two courses back-to-back, one right after the other, or as soon as possible.

Adult Advanced Sailing

Advanced Sailing is serious fun, solo sailing in high-performance daggerboard RS Zests. They are more demanding and will take your skills to a new level.

Introduction to Catamarans

Introduction to Catamarans is for multihull novices who already know how to sail. It is not a beginner course nor a substitute for Basic Sailing.

Adult Weekday Sailing

Women’s Sailing is the same as our co-ed Basic Sailing – but just for women. Also, it is scheduled on weekday mornings in early June while the kids are still in school.

Introduction to Paddling

Introduction to Paddling is a single 2-hour weekend opportunity to try both a sit-on-top kayak and a stand-up paddleboard. Perfect for a family outing.

Private Lessons

For the undivided attention of an instructor on any vessel in our rental fleet:
By appointment
Call ahead 203-637-2022